Because Better Work Is Closer Than You Think

What We Do

We will help you do what you do but hopefully a little bit better than before.  We accomplish this by following a process that keeps us on track to collect and think creatively about important information that directly affects what you do and how well you do it.  


Who We Are


Our team, led by Chris Reinsma, is a small group of experienced practitioners from the education, youth development, research, and communication fields.  We still work full time in our primary fields while at the same time giving priority to clients who want to re-think what they are doing.  We will organize a small team (generally 1-3 people) to work with you that will meet your specific needs.

How it Works

We follow the same process for all clients using our FOCUS approach:


Find Out


Operationalize the Approach


Consider the Information


Understand the Results


Support New Behaviors

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